Custom Cabinetry: Why Custom?

Building hand-made cabinetry out of our own woodworking shop, we use years of trade experience to transform homeowners’ dreams into reality. At Cadence Cabinetry our design-build process is tailored to be as involved or simplified as our client may need. We firmly believe that a home should be as functional and beautiful as the owner needs it to be.

The benefits of custom cabinetry are plentiful but we’ve put together a short list of why your next cabinet project should be a custom build.

  • #1

    Custom cabinetry provides infinite style options. With flexibility in size, style, finish, and functionality, custom cabinets can fit into your style rather than vice versa.

  • #2

    Custom accessories and hardware. Avoid a less-than-quick trip to the hardware store for cheap accessories for your stunning cabinets. A custom cabinet maker will produce and fit accessories to your exact style and taste.

  • #3

    Increased Home Value. A custom kitchen is one of the best investments you can make as a homeowner. It increases your home value, not only in dollars but also in aesthetic and design appeal. Custom cabinets are in another league in terms of finish applications, construction methods, space utilization, and design. A well designed and built kitchen will be money wisely invested.

  • #4

    High-Quality Construction Process and Methods. With cabinetry, durability is key, as you want to avoid maintenance issues down the road. At Cadence Cabinetry, our design-build process is tailored to your needs while upholding our high-quality standards. By combining professional service with true craftsmanship, Cadence Cabinetry creates beautiful and enduring remodel projects for homeowners in Chicago’s Northshore area.

At Cadence Cabinetry we want to create cabinetry that fits your lifestyle and personality, so we listen to you. We take your ideas and bring them to life with a design that is beautiful and functional. We specialize in kitchens and bathrooms where we feature our hand-made solid wood cabinetry. To learn more about our high-quality craftsmanship, process, or past projects, visit our website: