January 2024

As We Look Back On 2023…

We hope you and yours had a very wonderful holiday season full of joyful blessings that continue into the new year. Thank you for being part of the Cadence family!

Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship Program

Cadence has mentored youths through the Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship program for the past 3 years. The Cadence experience with this program has been nothing short of spectacular! The students have learned cabinetmaking and installation skills under the tutelage of our master woodworkers. Cadence has benefitted from their productivity as well as their ambition and eagerness to learn the trade.

Per their website: “The Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship is a nationally recognized talent acquisition strategy in which employers hire high school juniors and seniors for a one or two-year Youth Apprenticeship. Employers provide mentored on-the-job training and evaluation of youth apprentices. Students pair courses related to the profession to enhance the on-the-job learning.”

Jonah, a second-year apprentice, is now performing almost all the tasks of a custom cabinetmaker. He’s an especially quick learner who says he, “loves working at Cadence” and it shows. His mastering of a wide variety of skills has afforded him with a remarkable amount of independence and, as a result, he has contributed a higher-than-expected level of production for Cadence.

Jack is a senior in his first year in the program who is also enthusiastic about his opportunity at Cadence. Jack came to Cadence with limited exposure to power tools and the trade environment, but now he assembles cabinets with increasing independence and expertise.

Both Jonah and Jack have expressed interest in pursuing careers in the trades and their experience at Cadence confirmed those desires. When these students graduate high school later this year, they will be ready to contribute!

What Our Clients are Saying:

“Cadence Cabinetry did such a fantastic job renovating my kitchen. They were timely, expert, and professional, and went above and beyond on everything they promised. I wanted to have my new kitchen by Thanksgiving and that was only 4 weeks away. They promised they could do it and they came through with a few days to spare. My kitchen is beautiful, their work is top notch and their team is exceptional. We are so happy we put our trust in Cadence Cabinetry.”

Jeff & Linda

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