May 2024

Summer is Around the Corner!

Spring is here and it is a wonderful time for a fresh start! Whether it’s a thorough spring cleaning, rearranging furniture for a new look, or even considering a full makeover, it’s all about embracing the renewal and energy of the season. If you’re thinking about a fresh start for your living space, there’s no better time than now to start planning. Give us a call!

Cadence Cabinetry Continues to Grow!

Cadence Cabinetry has grown from its humble beginnings in Benjamin and Alyssa Hughes’s garage to its new facilities in Somers, WI.

The journey from a small shop to three buildings on six acres addresses our expansion needs and transitions Cadence from leased spaces to a company-owned property with plenty of space to grow. Our new property was purchased at the end of 2023 and, after doing some renovations of our own, we were able to relocate at the end of March.

The space is incredible and has inspired the whole team here at Cadence! Our previous locations required us to separate our woodshop from our finishing activities resulting in some back-and-forth movement of materials. Now the whole team works together under one roof! The reorganization of machines, assembly tables, and spray booths brings new efficiencies and order to our shop.

Speaking of efficiencies, we added a CNC router to our shop. A CNC router cuts pieces incredibly fast and accurately based on the cut list programmed into it directly from the cabinetry design software. We hope to have the CNC router fully operational later this summer.

Cadence will always be a family-owned, craftsmen-led, cabinetry and millwork shop catering to our clients’ specific needs with high-quality products and a caring team. Our expansion is an exciting reflection of that value.

The Best Compliment You Can Offer Is a Referral… & Get Rewarded!

If Cadence Cabinetry has met your highest standards, please consider telling others about us. We have a great referral program where you are rewarded up to $500 for a completed project that you send our way as well as $25 for a booked appointment.

Our website,, is a wonderful source for family and friends who are considering custom cabinetry or a home remodeling project. You might find pictures of your project there, too!