Come Explore Our New Showroom!

About Our Showroom

This new showroom provides the ability to see our custom cabinetry in action. This will give you the chance to walk around for a first-hand experience of how a custom cabinet solution can amplify your home.

We think it is important to know your options while testing the functionality that will suit your needs. We pride ourselves on being able to create a custom solution for your home that will reflect your home’s unique feel.

What It Means For Our Customers

At Cadence Cabinetry, our design-build process is tailored to be as involved or simple as our client may need. We will assist and guide customers who do not have a clear vision of what they want or what can be. Explore our many options while talking with our experienced team to get a full understanding of the process.

This new showroom will spark excitement and help turn your ideas to come into fruition. Once you find the “perfect” model, our skilled team of designers is available to meet with you for an in-home consultation.

Another benefit we found with our new showroom is giving our customers an inside peek on how we imagine, design, and build a custom cabinetry project. Look for our stamp of authenticity that we apply to every custom piece.

How We Work

When you visit our new showroom, you can speak directly with our designers and see how our team works together to complete every project. We wholeheartedly believe a tour of our showroom will expand your knowledge of available options and allow you to fall in love with our designs.

Once you fall in love with one of our designs, we want to schedule the free consultation to initiate the next step in our process.

At Cadence Custom Cabinetry, we leverage new technologies that can assess the project and give a glimpse to how the room will look after installation. This is done by giving our customers a visual tour of our projects through 3D CAD drawings.

After a design consultation, Cadence Cabinetry begins the process of tailoring cabinetry to meet the home’s unique aesthetic. Click here to learn more about our process.

About The Grand Opening

Our new showroom is conveniently located in Kenosha Wisconsin, 11300 75th St. Suite 105. We decided to expand into Wisconsin to better serve a new area while providing the same excellent quality services that we are known for throughout Illinois.

Our official grand opening will be taking place on September 21st from 11 am – 3 pm. Join us and see why our customers are giving us five-star reviews!

For more information on the showroom or our grand opening click here to contact us or call (262) 222-2112.