June 2022

June is a very special and exciting month for Cadence Cabinetry! It is our anniversary month and this year marks 15 years in business! We are so grateful for your support and look forward to many more years to come!

Summer’s warmth and sunshine are especially invigorating after a long winter and cool spring! With the warmer weather, yard work has started in earnest as the flowers and trees bloom and the grass greens up and grows. Getting outside to take in the sun and fresh air renews and revives us to move forward and take on new challenges.

At Cadence Cabinetry we love being able to open the big doors of our millwork shop in Kenosha and let the fresh air in as we create custom cabinets, built-ins, vanities, and more. And we’re growing! We recently expanded our shop space – almost doubling the existing shop to provide us more room to build and finish projects for you and your friends.

The Cadence Experience: The Design-Build Process

In our last newsletter, we walked through the Cadence Cabinetry design-consultation phase. In this edition, we will cover the design-build stage and pre-project phases.

Here’s what you can expect:

Design-Build Phase:
The design-build phase begins with finalizing the architectural and cabinetry drawings. Once these plans are complete, we will collaborate with you to select cabinets, hardware, countertops, fixtures, as well as other design details.

Pre-Project Phase:
Next, is the pre-project phase! This is the step where everything starts to come to life. We will start with setting a project schedule and pulling all the proper permits. Then, our team will confirm selections and start your custom cabinetry build. The last step in this phase is to meet with your project manager who will help clarify expectations and launch the project build.

Stay tuned for our next edition where we’ll cover the project process.

A Beautiful Kitchen Transformation by Cadence!

Pre-Wall Removal



When we met with this client, they expressed a desire to expand the kitchen by removing the wall between the kitchen and dining room. During the design phase, we considered two scenarios and landed on one that gave them an island! This was a huge bonus for them as others had told them that an island was not possible in their narrow kitchen area. We suggested an inexpensive rework of a hall closet which gained them just enough space to recess their refrigerator, gaining the needed inches to allow for the island. This is a great example of how Cadence puts in the extra effort during the design phase to add functional space to a kitchen remodel. The transformation was fantastic!

What Our Customers Are Saying…

“Cadence recently finished our complete kitchen remodel, and we could not be happier with it. Our project manager and the team delivered a superior product on time and on budget (and the total cost was markedly lower than other estimates we’d received). Communication was seamless, and there seemed to be no friction in hiring and scheduling various subcontractors. We highly recommend Cadence and will use them again when we re-do our bathrooms.”
~ Grant

Employee Profile: Greg Thomas, Project Manager

Please join us in welcoming our new Project Manager, Greg Thomas!

Greg grew up in Beach Park, IL, and moved to Wisconsin in 2005 where he met his beautiful wife Deidra. They will be celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary this July! Deidra and Greg have two incredible daughters. Hannah who is 12 and Zoe who is 10. They love doing just about anything together and having community with their family. They are active at Daybreak Church in downtown Kenosha where they enjoy serving alongside their church family.

Greg has worked as a general contractor in his family’s business for 24 years where he developed framing carpentry, finish carpentry, drywall, and just about any construction skill that exists. He’s led teams to successful residential and commercial builds and renovations. Ask Benjamin or Greg about how he joined the Cadence team – it’s an interesting story!

Aside from family and church engagement, Greg enjoys golfing and cooking. He especially likes smoking meat and then enjoying it with the people he loves. He has promised to bring a smoked brisket to the Cadence shop to share with the team. We expect to hold him to that promise!

The Best Compliment You Can Offer Is a Referral… & Get Rewarded!

If Cadence Cabinetry has met your highest standards, please consider telling others about us. We have a great referral program where you are rewarded up to $500 for a completed project that you send our way as well as $25 for a booked appointment.

Our website, cadencecabinetry.com, is a wonderful source for family and friends who are considering custom cabinetry or a home remodeling project. You might find pictures of your project there, too!